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 Flight Simulator 1 | Apple ][ version

Flight Simulator 1

Apple ][ version

It was my first exposures to flying on a personal computer... and I was hooked!

Screenshot from Flight Simulator 1 for the Apple II computer
Screenshot from Flight Simulator 1 for the Apple II computer.
Dave Meddows reports:

" Here is a screenshot from FS1 for the Apple II. For those who want to try it out, there are Apple II emulators for Windows, and disk images available at Apple II emulators. The simulation section of apple-asimov.net has many old flight sims which can be run on these emulators. "

The game map from Flight Simulator I

Bill Sherwood reports: "This is the entire world that was simulated. Pretty basic, huh? : ) You could fly as far away as you liked, and nothing else appeared."

Tom Piercy responds: "Not quite so, as I remember it. As you flew off into the barren wilderness (shades of Desert Storm) you actually came to another "world", identical to the first one, and so on ad infinitum (well, my stamina wasn't *that* great, but I did keep going for a long time) and every 15 minutes or so another "world" would slowly appear. You had to fly parallel to the "edges" of the "world" to come across them.

If you were in "war" mode the fighters would come up and attack you if you got near them. Pesky little devils they were, too; never did find out how to survive an attack by them."

FS-1 screen, predecessor of today's Microsoft Flight Simulator
"This is the view that you got out of the screen. The display was actually like that! The mountains were totally two dimensional, and so you could fly *just* beside them, as if they were a vertical wall. (either side, of course!)."

MiGMan thanks Bill Sherwood for the scan and info.