FS LogBook

FS LogBook was published by www.lagoonline.com in 2002.

It adds an extensively featured pilot's log book to to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.


: " FSLogbook is a direct replacement for the very limited logbook functionality that is included in FS2002 (versions for other flightsims will follow). What makes FSLogbook stand out from all logbook software is the fact it will show your flights on a map.

If you are doing a long series of flights, perhaps going around the world as so many simpilots do, you will see your progress graphically. To make it easy to find you most recent flights you will find the last 5 flights in a different color, starting with bright red from your most recent flight slowly going to the standard black in the 4 flights before that. "

Hardware requirements

Links : www.lagoonline.com

Box Art - FS LogBook