FS Maintenance

FS Maintenance was published by www.lagoonline.com in 2002.

It adds aircraft maintenance with all it's implications to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.


: " Maintenance therefore a balance between cost and reliability. Management decisions have to be made. Do I service this part now, or can it stand another flight?

If you fly full thrust from A to B just to slam the aircraft on the runway, the maintenance department will tell the airline management that you are not a very good pilot. You are expected to fly according to the rules and in such a way that your aircraft is not at stress. If you donít, you will see your maintenance costs rise, and will be kindly asked to fly better.

And if you simply donít care? ' To hell with maintenance! I can beat the system .'

Well, perhaps you can, but prepare for some exciting flights.

Over a hundred failures, from the smallest inconvenience, to near catastrophic failures of whole series of systems might happen to you. You WILL need to look if lowering the gear results in three green lights because it simply might not work, just because you damaged the gear on that last landing. You better know the command for manual gear extension in Fs2002. "

Hardware requirements

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