Campaign: Argentina Mission 01 

Campaign: Argentina Mission 01

Rude Awakening

The enemy announced their arrival last night by bombing the airfield from high altitude. Fortunately the raid was not successful and the runway can still be used. The enemy is now following up the last attack with a dawn raid by jets from their carrier offshore.
Get airborne and either flee immediately to Goose Green or try to hold them off while your comrades escape inland. Survival is your sole mission goal at this point. Your Pucara may be slow, but those four guns and two cannons in the nose will do plenty of damage, if you can just bring them to bear.
Tip: try to lure the enemy into the anti-aircraft fire by staying near the airfield.
Taking off under fire.

MiGMan's Combat Diary

The first time into this mission I was sitting there admiring the cockpit and checking out the features of my shiny new Pucara when whammmo ! A flight of Harriers came screaming in from behind and strafed everything in sight, including my shiny new plane.
OK - Alt - Flight - End Mission, then select "Fly again".
This time I took off rather smartly but as you can see at top right, not without cringing !
After an enjoyable tussle in the Pucara, which proved to be agile and hard hitting, the remaining Harriers departed the scene and a new nav point appeared on the tactical display (F-9). Hallelujah ! It was only 40 miles to Goose Green.

These images were taken during 2002, flying in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2, rendered by a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500 video card with full screen anti-aliasing enabled.

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