Campaign: RAF Mission 01 

Campaign: RAF Mission 01

Dawn Raiders I | 5/1/1982 | 0900 | ac : Harrier FRS.1

It is 1982 and the Falkland Islands off the coast of Southern Argentina have been invaded and occupied by hostile Argentine forces. A military Task Force is assembled and sails South to recapture the Islands for Britain. Both Royal Navy and RAF Harriers are aboard the two carriers ready to do battle.
It is the first of May and your Task Force takes up position approximately 180 miles East of the Falklands capital, Port Stanley. Use your 'Jump Jet' in anger for the first time against the enemy Skyhawks, Mirages and Pucaras and do your part to free the Islands from tyranny - Long Live the Queen !
It's day one of the campaign and 800 Sqn Sea Harriers are following up the night raid by the Vulcan on Stanley airfield with an early morning strike.
Your orders are to shoot down at least three of the Pucaras in the area.
The airfield is very well defended with 20mm and 35mm Anti-Aircraft guns and a Roland SAM launcher. The enemy Pucara aircraft will try to get airborne before you arrive and flee to Goose Green.
He's taking off as I'm trying to slow down!

MiGMan's Combat Diary

The lighting is low in this part of the Atlantic! The mission starts in the air and heading straight towards the Port Stanley runway.
Flying straight ahead and braving the formidable flak, I had a few close encounters as you can see!
Some turning and burning later I managed to despatch the Pucaras. They seemed more intent on getting away than dogfighting, which suited me fine in my first mission!

These images were taken during 2002, flying in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2, rendered by a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500 video card with full screen anti-aliasing enabled.

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