Hi-Tech Aircraft

The Hi-Tech Aircraft series was developed by Revell / Monogram and published in the early 1990's.

Gerry from New-Brunswick, Canada reported :

Well, I found a "still-born" flight-sim from 1993.

'Hi-Tech Aircraft' was in the 'Power Modeler' Revell/Monogram CD series. The 3rd in the series was to contain the AH-64 Apache, F-15E Strike Eagle, F-117A Stealth, and F-14A Tomcat.

Those CDs were about building virtual plastic model kits Once built, you could drive (or fly) them. Dunno much about that 'Hi-Tech Aircraft' except that judging by the Power Modeler card that I have here with their pics on it, the aircrafts were to be in 1/48 scale.

That particular CD was to be available in September 1993, but probably due to the high price and dismal sales of the previous 2, they were cancelled. "