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Homeworld - 1999


5.3 Ships with special Functions

Only certain ships have special functions, to access these select the ship and press the 'z' key. Repeat this to stop the special function.

Gravwell Generator, special functions cursor

The lightning bolt of the 'Special' fuctions cursor

cloak generators, cloaking ships

Cloak Generator, (Hides nearby ships)

  1. There is a limited time period that the ship can maintain the cloak, this is shown by the status bar (underneath health bar).
  2. Press 'z' at any time to turn the cloak off.
  3. The cloak doesn't remain active if the ship within the field fires its weapons or uses a special function, such as salvaging.
I use cloak generators to escort salvage collectors into combat. Salvage collectors pathetic shields collapse after the first blast from any decent sized ship, so they don't last long in battle without help.

Even though I found this an excellent tactic, practice was required to time the attack and try to use this only on isolated ships.

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MiGMan thanks P.C. for this guide.

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