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Homeworld - 1999


5.4 Stealing (Salvaging) enemy ships

You can salvage any enemy ships (although I must admit I didn't try it on the destroyers or carrier). Salvaging saves you time and resources, with practice you can build up large forces using this tactic.

Salvage ship practice

I hope you find the following steps helpful,

Specs :

Step 1. Organise a Salvage Task Force. Usually two salvage corvettes and two cloak ships will be sufficient.

The number of salvage ships required to disable a ship varies depending on the size of that ship. But usually two will get the job done.

Step 2. Allocate back up.

Just in case things don't go as planned I've found that having a fleet just out of sensor range helps.

Step 3. Find the prey.

Find an enemy vessel which is not around support, if there aren't any you might have to go trawling to pull your victim away from his friends.

Use a fast ship with cloak ship escort, so he can disappear at the first sign of trouble.

DON'T rush this part, remember the aim is to get his ship without any cost to you, so if you can't isolate him you may lose to many ships to make the exercise worth while.

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MiGMan thanks P.C. for this guide.

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