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Homeworld - 1999


3.4 General Rave (continued)

Generally it wasn't hard to keep control of your navy. Although occasionally co-ordinating the different squads became more of an art form than science.

Another big plus was the ability for unlimited save game states, which I found particularly useful in the most difficult levels and wouldn't have succeeded or even persisted if this feature didn't allow me to try different strategies.

Generally the enemy AI was good, there were only a couple of times I found it to be wanting in the smarts.

Once a fleet of 24+ ion cannon frigates followed one of my resource collectors to a remote part of the map where they stopped. Now at the time this greatly relieved me because of the damage those things can cause, but in hindsight perhaps they should not have been this stupid.

( I wouldn't be complaining! ... MiGMan)

My ships are at the bottom right of the screen, the wire frame indicates they are cloaked. In the background you can see part of my fleet coming into view.

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MiGMan thanks P.C. for this guide.

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