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Homeworld - 1999


3.2 Graphics

From when the first game shots loaded I was hooked, this game delivers. For once, believe the box, they are game shots. The graphics are great but the beauty of this game is you really get the feel of the sheer size of these ships, the designs, colours. But somehow they looked strangely familiar.

I paused the game, went to the bookshelf and after a few minutes of rummaging I found my old Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. I though the cover art by Chris Foss must have played some inspiration in the design of this game (later on I found reference to Chris Foss in the ‘Special Thanks’ section of the manual).

For once the game box shots don't lie!

For once, believe the box art... it shows actual game shots.

See the destroyer in action

Doughnuts in Space ! MiGMan thanks P.C. for this guide.

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