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Homeworld - 1999


4.1 Hardware

The system requirements are :

Win 95, 98, NT (V4.0 w/service pack 4.0)

with preferred hardware as :

PII 350+, 64MB RAM, 400MB HDD, 12MB+ 3D Graphics Card.

P.C.'s Test Rig was :

Win 98, PII 350, 265 MB RAM, Creative 3D Blaster Banshee

You really feel "Lost in Space" in Homeworld!

You really feel "Lost in Space" in Homeworld!

4.2 Installation

I had no problems with the installation. There is a patch available at
Sierra's FTP site - right click to download the patch

4.3 Performance

The game ran smoothly apart from a couple of occasions where it stuttered as huge battles raged.

MiGMan thanks P.C. for this guide.

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