50th Anniversary CD ROM

Israeli Air Force - 50th Anniversary CD ROM

CD 2 in Israeli Air Forcecontains a multimedia reference on the 50 year history of the force which installs as a separate application to the flight sim.
Mirages - 1967

Mirage III's in 1967.
MiG-21 Fishbeds

MiG-21's which have been destroyed on the ground.
P-51 Mustang

P-51 Mustang
Spitfire in the Israeli Air Force

Among the first types flown by the IAF were Spitfires.
Israeli Air Force - Air Defence

The CD explains the various arms of IAF air defense.
Israeli Air Force - SAM

Today the IAF operates everything from the M-48 Chapparal to the Patriot anti-missile defense system.
Israeli Air Force - maintenance

and maintenance...
Israeli Air Force - logistics

This technician is using maintenence system first developed for the F-16 which allows him to query the maintenenance history of a particular a/c or squadron - in effect generating a "medical history".
Israeli Air Force - women

Women participate in the IAF as in most aspects of Israeli society.
Israeli Air Force - FOuga Magister

The IAF has flown many French types such as the Fouga Magister with it's unusual looking tail.
Israeli Air Force - F-16 Falcon

The latest gear - F-16 Falcon

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