6 Day War

The first mission in the 6 Day War campaign kept me entertained for days! It contains all the elements of a fun fun time! A few SAM sites...

SA-2 Guideline Surface to Air Missiles
SA-2 Guideline Surface to Air Missiles

Whoooops! I've overshot the target
A couple of big fat Cargo planes to shoot up ...

The effects of a strafing run with Zunni rockets..... scratch a few MiGs!
Nice neat rows of MiG's lined up ready for the strafing. I found that the Zunni rockets added a bit of punch....

MiG versus Mirage

And of course a few MiG-21's to dogfight. At this stage in the mission I really began to appreciate the option of being able to switch between aircraft ... ... that way you can try and ambush the MiG that's ambushing you... if you know what I mean.

Eventually I developed this "winning strategy":

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