Training - continued

Having neatly despatched the MiG-29 (... well... the 4 Python missiles helped!) it was off to the next target area. I checked the stores display.

Weapons... no missiles, and a full magazine of cannon rounds.

Fuel.... about 7,000 lbs. I had punched off the belly tank before tackling the first target. This was good, because it relieved me of about 4,000 lbs extra weight, and I needed every ounce of manoeuveribility to get in a firing position on the Fulcrum, as it turned out.

This was also bad though, as I was way out in bandit country and 7,000 lbs would evaporate pretty quickly in afterburner. The friendly GCI man was informing me that there were 2 air targets, range 20 miles and 10 degrees off the nose. This counted as bad , because my Mirage radar only went out to 10 miles!

What if I was flying into a nest of Fulcrums? Should I abort?

Mmmmmmm... ..... ahhmmmm ...errr

OK, a compromise plan suggested itself, fly to 10 miles range, get a radar lock and use the cheat... I mean the Reverse Tactical View (F8) to ID the targets.

If they were indeed Fulcrums I was outta there, no questions asked.

What happened next?

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