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IL-2 Rebirth of Honor


Publisher's description

" Rebirth of Honor is based on a novel- like story which the player becomes a part of. The story is told by the `Lageberichte (situational reports) in the briefing texts and by the InGameVideos.

The whole text would fill a book with at least 150 pages.

The two sites `Story and `Campaign will give you a more detailed insight into the story- related themes.

When you watch the screenshots you will see that I implimented a great number of ground objects for the airfields and the ground targets. I made many tests to find out how the performance of the game is influenced by these objects.

Surprisingly, the game performance wasnt influenced very much by the number of ground objects. The cities and big forest areas have a much greater influence on the game performance. So, if you are standing on an airfield and find a reduction in FPS while using zoom view, the implimented ground objects are probably not responsible but a city or a forest in the view direction could be. If you are on an unmodified Berlin airfield you will recognize a much greater reduction in FPS than standing on a fully modified airfield somewhere on land. All the items which improve the immersion of the campaign are used to a degree which shouldn't influence your computers performance too much.

The dummy- planes you find at the airfields have a greater influence on the FPS- performance than the ground objects. I kept their number at a level where no disturbing effects on gameplay should occur. If you ever played my old Pik-As- Campaign without problems, you should be able to play `Rebirth of Honor with the same performance.

In `Rebirth of Honor i tried to load all flights at the start of the mission. Although this couldnt always be done, most flights are loaded before the mission starts. This has an influence on the time the missions take to load. Sometimes the game freezes for a few seconds as you fly the mission because a flight of planes is loaded during that flight I wanted to avoid this effect so I load as many flights as possible before the mission begins. However, loading nearly all flights before the mission starts means that the loading time of the mission is increased. You only feel this effect before missions which contain many planes. I think its better to wait some extra seconds before the mission begins rather than have the game freeze when you are at someboys six.

Generally, you wont find a difference compared to missions you know from other campaigns, but if you encounter such a loading issue you should know why."

from http://www.pluswave.de