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Training missions

Training missions in Israeli Air Force are among the best I've seen.

The innovative thinking starts in the briefing, where key concepts are hyperlinked.... click on them and a resizable window pops up. For example... closure rates:

Air Intercepts: closure

Let's have a look at just one of the Air Combat training missions.

After practising staying "in the saddle" with your wing leader, he returns to base and sends you off... with suitable encouragement... to hunt some MiGs.

The first encounter was with a MiG-29 Fulcrum... which was a bit of a worry as I'd elected to fly this mission in a Mirage III. The MiG-29 has enough excess thrust to accelerate vertically and outstanding low-speed, high AOA nose authority... I only hoped the computer pilot didn't know that!

Well..... suffice to say that the missiles work as advertised!

This is bad.

This is good.

This is better!

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