"At the start of Combat sorties it is not possible to see targets taking off from these airfields since the software has them already airborne when the fighter(s) take off. However, when the situation permits, one can follow a target back to ERFURT for example.

Targets will also land at friendly airfields, especially NEUBURG, so one should not be surprised to see a MIG 21 in the circuit!!! It is not unknown to be taxiing to a parking area, suddenly to be banned from parking because a MIG 21 has beaten you to it ! !

During one 6 v 12 scenario when four of the six Lightnings ‘defected’ to WARTON, the remaining two Lightnings were very rapidly shot down. On parking at the WARTON dispersal with ground services connected, it was possible to select any airfield symbol on the simulation Map Display (F9). Pressing F10 then allowed access to the airfields radar and AIRCRAFT MOVEMENTS displays.

By this means, it was found that of the 12 MIG 21s, 6 landed at GUTERSLOH, 2 landed at AALBORG, 1 landed at PRAGUE, 1 landed at ERFURT and 1 at GDANSK. The 12th was found on the AALBORG radar at 70 nm at 34500 feet, heading 250 at 200kts IAS."

English Eletric Lightning

MiGMan thanks Splash One: Knight of the Cold War for the information.

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