"The software allows some unexpected things to happen as the following sortie description will illustrate.


1532Z 2 Lightnings (001/002) airborne from GUTERSLOH to intercept 4 incoming targets.

Shortly after take-off 002 reported AC Failure and was instructed to RTB (he didnít really say this, but he was sent home to increase the odds!).

001 continued outbound, soon making radar and visual contact with a pair of targets at a similar level. Target pair split and 001 quickly got a good lock and missile kill on one.

Whilst manoeuvring for the second target another pair appeared in the distance. Radar and missile aquired on second target and kill followed. Second pair of targets no longer visible but radar contact made shortly after. 001 chased the pair and visual contact followed.

After some hard manoeuvring a gun kill was completed. The last target was no longer visible so 001 made rapid recovery and landed.

Whilst being refuelled, the SURVEILLANCE radar and AIRCRAFT MOVEMENTS display indicated that the fourth target was recovering to ERFURT. As refuelling neared completion 001 was given clearance to start and was soon airborne heading for ERFURT.

A reheat climb was made to high level and high speed cruise of 1.7M was maintained until reaching 40 nm from ERFURT where rapid descent started. Radar contact gained on target aircraft at 15 nm with visual following shortly after.

Attacking position could not be achieved before target landed.

Remaining ammo fired at target without effect.

EE Lightning

Target overshot end of runway before taxiing to parking position. 001 landed, eventually parking beside the target to refuel.

On completion, 001 took off, holding over the airfield for a few minutes before climbing out on heading 295.

On passing FL 220 GUTERSLOH TACAN picked up indicating range of 100 nm approximately 2 degrees starboard.

Full reheat climb through FL 350 at 80 nm TACAN (629kts/1.72M).

At 38 nm 001 level at FL 540 (429kts/1.72M) 96% cold power.

Ventral tank just about empty.

Decided for practice diversion to WILDENRATH.

Switched TACAN to 126X and picked up WILDENRATH TACAN at 100 nm, left of nose.

Turned to heading 247 degrees at 92 nm.

At 40 nm, IDLE/FAST IDLE descent initiated changing to fast descent from FL 437 at 25 nm.

Through 26000 at 10 nm, continuing down to complete one circuit and roller at WILDENRATH before recovery and landing at GUTERSLOH.


MiGMan thanks Splash One: Knight of the Cold War for the information.

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