"The following comments are added to give some idea of the depth of thought that was put into producing this amazing simulation and as a salute to the people who brought it to life. If only they could have had the chance to fully develop it.

In the Combat scenarios, seven special airfields are programmed from which target tracks could be produced. They are not listed in the ‘Airfield’ list on the SITUATION display but the airfields do appear on the ground, both by day and night. They may be referred to on the fighter airfield AIRCRAFT MOVEMENTS display.

However, the player can only see this display if he takes-off, lands, returns to a suitable dispersal and stops with ground services connected!!! This was done to simulate a Blind Scramble in which the pilot would be forced to take off with little, if any, information about incoming raids. In these conditions the pilot would receive no guidance and would be forced to look for targets of opportunity.

After recovery, and whilst his aircraft is sitting on the ground being tanked up, the player can make use of the airfields radar and AIRCRAFT MOVEMENTS display to locate remaining targets and calculate their future movements. On once more setting off for battle, the outside assistance will no longer be available. Note: Whilst on turn-round the aircraft will only be refuelled.

F-104 Starfighter

... this was done to simulate a Blind Scramble in which the pilot would be forced to take of with little, if any, information about incoming raids.

Whilst on the ground with ground services connected, pressing F10 will show the SURVEILLANCE RADAR display. Pressing 3 on the numerical keypad will then show the airfield AIRCRAFT MOVEMENTS display which will include details of all combat aircraft in the scenario. The players aircraft, 001, will be shown on the top line with all other participants on successive lines.

Details will include which aircraft have been destroyed and by whom, and the current situation for every participant. The current radar position of all remaining aircraft within ground radar cover can now be seen by pressing 1 on the numeric keypad and clicking either of the range buttons to select the required range display. Tracks may be identified by comparison of radar track behaviour with heading and speed information on the AIRCRAFT MOVEMENTS display.

MiGMan thanks Splash One: Knight of the Cold War for the information.

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