"The year is 2001 and JetPilot is about five years old. In the hope that there are still would-be aviators out there looking for an exceptional simulation that could keep them enthralled for the next five years I feel urged to give you some idea about what youíre missing OK, so you donít have an Amiga A1200, but they are out there!

A complete A1200 system (including hard drive, boards, monitor, etc) was advertised in a local paper this year for £50!!!

OK, so itís hard... frustrating... the earth is flat... explosions arenít pretty and smoke doesnít come out of the missiles... but... when youíve screwed up and hit the deck or had your posterior reshaped because you hadnít checked your six oíclock for 20 seconds do you really give a damn what colour your remains are ? ! !

This is a simulation for those who are prepared to work, who enjoy success and the feeling of pride in achievement. For those who only enjoy a shoot-em-up thatís fine, this you will not enjoy.

F-104 Starfighter

EE Lightning

MiGMan thanks Splash One: Knight of the Cold War for the information.

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