" Real Time Flying.

Whatever your set-up you will soon be behind the controls of some incredible aircraft, including the Lockheed F-104 and you will have everything at your disposal for real-time flying around Europe. Your navigational equipment includes:

  • detailed landscape
  • maps
  • airfield surveillance radar
  • approach radar
  • audio communications from all airfield towers
  • simple weather reports
  • detailed ground controlled approach
  • ground controlled intercept for specific directions to your target when either embarking on a practice combat mission or the real thing.

"For the more technically minded their is an in-flight interactive manual and operational performance data displayed in a graphical form to make direct comparisons between the different aircraft. Among many other options in JetPilot you will also be able to change the atmospheric settings from time of year, time of day, weather or starting location, who can resist flying your own F-104 on a warm summers evening off the coast of Scotland.

Info courtesy of Vulcan Software

Example sortie

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