"There are:

  • 21 Practice scenarios designed to give the player experience in many aspects of Lightning operations.
  • 21 Exercise scenarios designed to ensure that the player has sufficient knowledge and skill to be able to succeed in the Combat scenarios.
  • 7 Combat scenarios in which the player can fly a Lightning or F-104 against MIG 21 aircraft.
  • 1 Combat scenario requiring the fighter to complete a visual identification sortie against an Unknown target.

In the scenarios involving 2, 4 or 6 defending (Lightning/F-104) aircraft, the actual numbers participating can be reduced by instructing your wingman to return to base before he becomes involved in combat. It changes the odds!!


In Combat scenarios, instructing your wingman to go to loose formation will result in the wingmen in other defending pairs (if not already in combat) coming to formate on you!! In this way, if you so desire, you could allow the other wingmen to join and then take them out of the battle on a trip of your own.

Before starting the mission you could select ‘Ferry’ on the SITUATION display and ‘Combat’ and ‘ 6 v 12 ’ on the MISSION display. Once all defending aircraft are airborne, you could then instruct your wingman to go to loose and take your resulting 4 ship formation on an even longer trip!! An interesting bug ! !

Note: Combat targets have unlimited fuel and can therefore do anything!

MiGMan thanks Splash One: Knight of the Cold War for the information.

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