"The position, approximate bearing/distance from specified friendly airfields, and main runway directions for each of the target airfields is as follows:

ERFURT 50deg 58N 010deg 59E 119deg/121NM 357deg/135NM 28-10
GDANSK 54deg 22N 018deg 28E 070deg/422NM 040deg/442NM 11-29
HALLE 51deg 25N 012deg 13E 102deg/156NM 014deg/167NM 10-28
PRAGUE 50deg 06N 014deg 16E 115deg/257NM 055deg/145NM 04-22
PRESCHEN 51deg 40N 014deg 38E 094deg/247NM 037deg/221NM 07-25
POZNAN 52deg 25N 016deg 49E 085deg/333NM 045deg/311NM 11-29
TALLINN 59deg 25N 024deg 50E from AALBORG

F-104 Starfighter in Jet Pilot on the Commodore Amiga.
F-104 Starfighter in Jet Pilot on the Commodore Amiga.

  • It is possible to fly to these airfields by selecting the required departure airfield on the SITUATION display, followed by ‘Practice’, and ‘Single’ or ‘Pairs Take-off’ on the MISSION display.
  • Target airfields have no navigation or airfield aids so a visual landing is required.
  • Approach lighting is displayed in daylight plus runway and taxiway lighting at night.
  • It is possible to refuel at these airfields at any time, including during combat sorties, but ones aircraft must be on a suitable dispersal or a warning message will be displayed stating that no services are available.
  • For speed and fuel economy reasons, high level transits are recommended with cruise descents from about 65 nm from estimated position of the destination airfield.
  • One must fly very accurately when looking for these airfields as some have no scenery associated with them. This is especially important when planning to fly to any of the inland airfields and correct use of the Autopilot is essential.
  • The player must decide on the fuel configuration required for the trip. (Even with over-wing tanks fitted, a fast trip to TALLINN will probably require refuelling at GDANSK. Does it ?!!)
  • To help with visual detection of the airfield (about 8 nm max), the fighter should descend to about 5000 to 10000 feet.
  • GDANSK and TALLINN are very close to the coast so using the aircrafts AI radar in the ground mapping mode can be a useful asset for navigation, especially at night or in cloudy conditions when the surface is not visible.
  • A trip from GUTERSLOH to TALLINN, stopping to refuel at POZNAN on the way, is an excellent test of ones ability to navigate !!

MiGMan thanks Splash One: Knight of the Cold War for the information.

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