"On the SYSTEM display, in the OPTIONS box against ‘Control’ de-select TRIM.

Without automatic ‘Trim Control’, elevator trim will not be adjusted during acceleration or deceleration, neither will stall and spin prevention be activated. In this situation one has to fly carefully to avoid loss of control.

Cockpit view from the English Electric Lightning.
Cockpit view from the English Electric Lightning.

  • On the SITUATION and MISSION displays set up for a practice mission with a single Lightning F-6.
  • Take off carefully and climb to 36000 feet.
  • Select full reheat and at 1.7M or thereabouts, pull up to vertical.
  • Speed will decay and when airspeed drops below 100kts press CTRL+Q+W to switch off both engines.
  • Select outside view from stern (F6 then 5 on the numeric keypad) and turn up the volume.
  • The aircraft will stall and nose down.
  • Hold down Tab till throttles are fully closed and listen to the engine sounds.
  • Manipulate the aircraft controls to achieve full control loss and observe aircraft gyrations from cockpit and outside views.
  • To recover, ensure airbrakes and flaps are in and undercarriage is retracted.
  • Push down nose to increase airspeed and control rotation with ailerons.
  • As airspeed increases, turbine RPM will increase and be displayed on the RPM Gauge.
  • When RPM readings reach 20 or more, press CTRL+1 to relight No1 engine and CTRL+2 to relight No2.
  • If unsuccessful, reselect.
  • When relit, open throttles to about 80% and ease back to regain level flight.
  • Adjust throttles as required and continue with sortie.
  • The Artificial Horizon will have toppled and the Navigation Display will be indicating false headings.
  • The Standby Artificial Horizon may be used till the main instrument recovers.
  • Similarly, the Standby Compass may be used till the Navigation Display recovers.
  • Take it easy and, if you do a run and break - make it gentle!!!

MiGMan thanks Splash One: Knight of the Cold War for the information.

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