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Video 010

Video by damsonn.

Sep 5, 2016

Flight sim from 1997 developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Eidos Interactive.

It had pretty well made graphics engine, which looked really good even in software mode (3dfx was available for Voodoo owners).

Unfortunately the version I own is the Sold-Out release from 2001, which doesn't contain awesome redbook audio by Kim Jensen (who created music for I.G.I. series also from Innerloop), but I'm already tracked and ordered earlier release (Premier Collection) which I hope will have it.

The game was bit rushed so some features were absent like training missions or the ability for your wingman to land (which is commented about in the Sold Out release readme)! I also noticed that my wingmen will not attack ground targets - either I'm doing something wrong or it's anouther feature which wasn't implemented. One more thing that bothers me is the cannon which acts like a machine gun - it has low fire rate and does little damage. Real gatling gun should schred any aircraft in a second.

One particular feature worth noting though is the ability to control the pilot after ejection. When you eject (works in campaign only) you can save your pilot by literally walking back to your base, if you close enough. You also have a sidearm with you which you are able to use, but I doubt it will help if you encountered T-72 for example ?.

One interesting thing is the way the radar antenna is controlled (azimuth and elevation) - it's by pilots head (see 23:20). Pay attention to botom left corner where the radar display is located on HMD (Helmet Mounted Display) or left MFD while I move the head while having a target locked and change radar view modes (plan view, side view, cross-section view).

Here you can admire some artwork from Rune Spaans who was responsible for Grphical Design on the game: JSF artwork from Rune Spaans.

Some technical stuff:

I'm running it on Windows 10 64-bit, although had to patch it (it crashed a lot during missions) to 1.12 and then apply a no-cd crack as after patching it, the game stopped recognizing my original CD. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I use portable USB DVD-ROM drive? But still it's weird that the initial release works fine, maybe they added different CD check in updated executable, who knows.

In game resolution for videos and GUI: 640x480, during mission: 1280x1024