Jet Warrior: Vietnam

Jet Warrior - Vietnam Is designed by Arnold Hendrick and to be published by Kesmai.

September 8, 1998

KESMAI'S JET WARRIOR - VIETNAM, the latest installment in the legendary Air Warrior flight simulator series will recreate the aircraft and campaigns of the Vietnam Conflict.

Jet Warrior - Vietnam will be the first game to cover the entire Vietnam air war, from the first strikes in 1964 to the final 1972 offensives that yielded "Peace with Honor." Players will be able to fly North Vietnamese MiG interceptors as well as a wide variety of American Navy and Air Force planes in several historically accurate campaign scenarios.

"Pilot skill was paramount during the controversial and politically charged Vietnam War," said industry veteran Arnold Hendrick, designer/producer for the project. "Finally, gamers will be able to experience what our valiant servicemen really faced, 30 years ago, in the deadly skies of North Vietnam."

The Navy's famous 'Top Gun' school was founded during this war to teach pilots how to win air-to-air combats in the jet age," continued Hendrick. "These same tactics can be used by players in Jet Warrior - Vietnam - it's that realistic.

In addition, novice-friendly options will make this one of/par the easiest flight simulators to learn and play."

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