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Ka-52 Team Alligator Ka-52 Team Alligator Ka-52 Team Alligator
Exhibit: Ka-52 Team Alligator

Pre-release: 1999

From the Simis site in 1999:

"The Ka-52 is the Russian answer to the US Apache Longbow.

It was built by Kamov as a 2 seat command variant of the Ka-50 Black Shark, or Hokum, helicopter and is designed as a battle management command helicopter. Like most Russian military hardware, the Alligator is a high payload, high agility and highly armoured attack helicopter, designed for multirole and night time operations. "

Improvements over Team Apache (1998) by Simis:

" The contra rotating blade helicopter flight modelling will be vastly improved with more edge of envelope effects modelled.

The game engine (Alligator is built on the Daedalus engine) is truly state of the art, offering 10 times the performance of our previous Icarus engine.

The 3D cockpit will have ten times the number of individual polygons than were used in Team Apache.

The avionics of the Alligator will be fully modelled and the multiplayer game will be completely redesigned to increase performance. "

Pre-release screenshot - 1999 - from Ka-52 Team Alligator, the Ka-52 Black Shark

Pre-release screenshot: 1999

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