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Ka-52 Team Alligator Ka-52 Team Alligator Ka-52 Team Alligator
Exhibit: Ka-52 Team Alligator

Designer’S Notes

"A year and a half on from our previous helicopter title, Team Apache (1998) by Simis, we are pleased to introduce Ka-52 Team Alligator.

An enormous number of advances and improvements have been made on the old game, some graphical and many more in the underlying modelling. Before, the design has been driven by simulation concerns.

The recent discussions in the sim gaming community over ‘light’ versus ‘hard core’ flight sims seem to ignore something that wargame designers have known for years: the fact that sim developers may focus their simulation effort in different ways to achieve different effects, and may do so without sacrificing one iota of simulation value.

Flight sims need not be, as some maintain, emulations, reproducing every finicky detail of flight and systems management. That is the province of military and civil training simulators, whose interfaces and hardware are better suited than a PC to such a reductionist approach.

Given the inherent limitations of a personal computer the designers of PC sims can (indeed must) pick and choose what they detail.

It is all a matter of focus.

In Ka-52 Team Alligator we have again focussed a sim away from the intricacies of systems management to what we feel is far more relevant to a combat helicopter simulation. Firstly, we have concentrated on the creation of a credible low- level environment, with subtle, highly resolved terrain and thousands upon thousands of terrain objects which form obstacles and cover .

Secondly, we have paid a great deal of attention to the battlefield modelling:

  • to the enemy artificial intelligence
  • to the modelling of weapons
  • the warhead/ armour battle
  • to the function and role of sensors
  • to countermeasures old (such as vehicle smoke)
  • and new (such as the Shtora and Arena anti- missile systems).

We believe our modelling in these vital areas is second to none. Finally, we have created a game with the emphasis on command – on team management rather than systems management.

We have a fundamental belief that ‘human factors’ are as important on the modern battlefield as systems, and that leadership and command make defeat. So we have provided you, the player, with the tools to test proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. Time to take a bite. "

Lee Brimmicombe-Wood


7th September 1999

Ka-52  Team Alligator

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