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Ka-52 Team Alligator Ka-52 Team Alligator Ka-52 Team Alligator
Exhibit: Ka-52 Team Alligator


  • Don’t underestimate the firepower of your enemies. Even an infantryman with a rifle can get lucky.
  • Tanks should be engaged from the side or rear. Their armour may be strong enough to defeat attacks from the front.
  • Use surprise, or the enemy will be able to employ counter measures, against your attacks. The smoke you see from a tank might not be as a result of it exploding, but instead may be a barrier of smoke that will render laser-guided weapons almost useless.
  • Use the R and U keys to select or retain targets.
  • If you get a missile call, start pumping chaff and flares for all you’re worth.
  • Don’t order your team to engage all targets unless the opposition is light – otherwise they might waste all their ammo on an unimportant target.
  • Though unavailable on the real helicopter, the player can access a HUD Radar by using CTRL + V. But that would be cheating… surely?
  • If things get hairy, remember the motto "when in doubt, BUG OUT!" Use the Disengage or Goto Rally Point orders to take your team out of danger before you take casualties.

Ka-52  Team Alligator

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