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Ka-52 Team Alligator Ka-52 Team Alligator Ka-52 Team Alligator
Exhibit: Ka-52 Team Alligator

Training Missions

  • Take Off - This mission will teach the rudiments of the Alligator helicopter. The layout of the cockpit and the displays will be explained, before getting you to practice with the basic flight controls.
  • Landing - This mission will teach you the basics of hovering, using the Bob Up mode, and landing.
  • Navigation - This mission will train you in the use of waypoints and the navigational aids.
  • Unguided Weapons - This mission will teach you the basics of using the cannon and unguided rockets. You will be guided to a firing range to practice.
  • Guided Weapons - This mission teaches the rudiments of engaging and destroying enemies with anti-tank and air-to-air missiles.
  • Graduation Mission - This is the final training mission, which will teach you to operate as part of a formation and how to lead your team. The mission finishes with an engagement against targets on a live-fire range. Completion of your training will depend on your success in this mission.

Detailed bases

Detailed Bases

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