MiG Versus Sabre

Date : 22nd Dec 1950
Location : Pyongyang
Aircraft : MiG-15

Overview : " During a dogfight with one USN and five USAF pilots A MiG-15 shot down an F-86 for the first time. On Jan. 21 1951 large numbers of MiG-15s attacked USAF jets, shooting down one F-80. On October 21 through 30 the enemy flew sorties over North Korea daily for the first time in the war. MiGs appeared in numbers over 100, consistently outnumbering their F-86 counterparts and downing three F-86s at a cost of five MiGs lost to Sabres.

Enemy F-86's and F-80's have been spotted over the Yellow Sea. Intercept and destroy. "

MiGMan's Combat Diary

No warp available so it was a 60 mile flight to the first waypoint. All my wingmen crashed enroute.

At waypoint 1 I had close encounters with - not F-80's or F-86's - but 4 F-51's! So much for intelligence.

My only chance was to keep my energy and speed up and avoid at all costs getting drawn into a turning battle with the Mustangs. I did get a few hits in. Really I should have taken one pass and bugged out. Twice I hung around for + 10 minutes of maneouvering and twice I bit the dust.

Note : Ken French, mission designer from Just Flightinformed me :

" One thing I did notice was that you had problems with warping and your wingman. Both of these problems can be resolved by selecting the unlimited fuel button."

Korean Combat Pilot
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Korean Combat Pilot

My trusty wingmen. You could trust them never to make it to the fight!

Korean Combat Pilot

Bogeys to the front and bogeys to the rear. 4 versus 1. Not good.

Korean Combat Pilot