Korean Combat Pilot

Attack Seoul


"It is now known that Russian and Chinese pilots assisted the North Korean government in their efforts to drive back the United Nations troops. North Koreans captured Seoul, forcing the South Korean government to move to Taejon. Enemy forces also occupied nearby Kimpo airfield and, on the east coast, Mukho naval base below Kangnung. North Korean Yaks strafed Seoul airfield, destroying one B-29.


Today you will be performing double duty. First take out all AA at the Seoul airfield. Then drop any enemy aircraft left in the area.



MiGMan's Combat Diary

My notes : I couldn't take out the AAA despite my (usual) use of "unlimited weapons". Air targets? I did see a couple of aircraft getting airborne but they either crashed or my wingmen took them out.

After several re-tries I settled for taking a few strafing runs - see my hardware notes - and then motoring away to the North until I could "warp" back to Pyonyang with the "X" key.

The waypoints are very basic. After take-off the next waypoint is 100 miles away - at the target! Motoring 100 miles in a straight line doesn't really rock my boat so I warped to the action.

On coming home the you warp to about 3 miles from the threshold which makes for a bit of a scramble to get the flaps and gear down and settle in for landing.

Gettin' down amongst it! This is probably the only chance I'll get to fly between hangars at 300 knots... and in a MiG to boot!

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