Korean Combat Pilot

Carrier Strike


" US and British carriers have been spotted in the Yellow Sea. USS Essex is moving east with a task fleet. Intercept the fleet and do your best. Select one ship and hammer it!!!!! Intelligence reports fleet has extensive air coverage. Watch your six.




MiGMan's Combat Diary

Takeoff was in the rain and with a setting sun, the MiG looked magical in the slanted light. I waited around for my wingmen but as usual their takeoff was delayed. The first waypoint was 80 miles off. I tried warping with "X" six times to no avail. Okey dokey - not to worry. "Let's climb above the weather", I thought.

Notice the lighted runway threshold - the green / aqua light at upper left of the image. That will come in handy when (and if) you make it back!

It's hard to do justice to the beautiful lighting effects with a screenshot.

The ships are very nicely modelled.

So after 80 miles I reached the coast and another waypoint. Lo and behold a fleet appeared! No sign of my wingmen so, not lacking in "virtual" courage - I pressed the attack alone. I headed for the nearest Destroyer and... whack... thump!!!!!

The ships throw up a murderous amount of Flak.

Mmmm... fire behind the cockpit ... that's pretty bad news.

Not one to give up easily I tried the mission again. This time - don't ask me how - I managed to sneak past the ships and get a nice snap. I lobbed a rocket or 2 in their general direction but I doubt any damage was done. The ships are very nicely modelled.. are they creations of the KCP team?

Having escaped the convoy with an intact MiG I dallied about a bit and watched the IL-10's do their thing, then I headed home, enjoying the fading light effects on the landscape..

Ooopps.. he he he... a slight over-run into the North Korean mud.

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