Korean Combat Pilot

Convoy Attack


" Early on 1st November the 7th Marines entrucked at its Hamhung assembly area and, together with its attached artillery, the 2d Battalion and 11th Marines, it moved north 26 road miles to defensive positions behind the ROK 26th Regiment. US troops and vehicles are on the move. Take them out. Watch for enemy aircraft. "





MiGMan's Combat Diary

The mission starts off on a "blue-sky" day. Beautiful weather. Ideal for appreciating the complex rolling scenery created by the Blue Arrow team.

The first waypoint was 76.9 miles away. Once again "warping" didn't work and once again the wingmen failed to accompany me. The map display - see image at right - shows where the wingman crashed.

I dutifully past waypoint and turned North to waypoint 2. After a few minutes of of flying at 3,000 feet and getting no sight of the convoy I had a peek at the map. As it turned out I had just flown past the convoy location. Interesting - I had the target view set to "ground" yet the vehicles didn't show up.

Guided by the map display I circled to the right and tried to get a visual on these elusive vehicles. As you can see I circled almost 360 degrees around the spot before catching sight of them. The crucial factor was that I had to be flying below 1500 feet to get visual contact.

I guess part of the challenge in this mission is to actually find the convoy! Anyway after expending all my rockets and most of the cannon shells - and copping a few hits to the wing structure I decided to head home. The briefing had mentioned enemy aircraft and the next waypoint was placed over a lake 30 miles west of Pyongyang. Sure enough, as I reached the lake I spotted two dots coming towards me...

Ground targets as seen from 1800 feet altitude. Barely visible - you need to fly at 1500 feet or less to have a chance of sighting vehicles on this terrain.

Hooray! Mission 4 and at last I get to dogfight with .... yes.. they were indeed Sabre Jets!

Determined not to miss this opportunity I swung onto the six of the traiing Sabre and scored a few hits.

Breaking off and keeping my energy up I repositioned for a second run.

What were my targets doing?

They were flying straight and steady - low and level - across the lake and I watched stunned and dismayed as they flew sedately into the water !!!

Very frustrating indeed. I was going to be flat out making Ace at this rate.

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