Korean Combat Pilot

Defend Inchon Bay


" Take off from Pyongyang airfield and head north east towards the Yalu Alley. Intercept all bombers and fighters and destroy them. "





MiGMan's Combat Diary

Takeoff was uneventful and I circled the field a few times hoping my wingmen would join me for the 100 mile run to the taget area. No such luck, so I headed off alone again. About 50 miles out I reached the coast and had a bit of time to appreciate the wonderful coastline - with lots of small islands and varied colouring in the water. It's a shame the missions hadn't used the terrain features as visual navigation references - such a waste!

Any-whoo I knew when the target area was near because the frame rate took it's usual dive from 40 to 50 frames per second down to 3 - 10 frames per second. The second image shows some of the object density which caused the hit.

A huge furball looked like shaping up with 8 MiGs - my wingmen turned up! - a group of B-29's and F-80's. The Flak was the densest I have ever seen in a sim. And undiscriminating - though to be fair - this is pretty realistic. In the bottom image you see me scooting along at 100 feet altitude and the Flak is exploding below me! Man those guys must have depressed their barrels below the horizontal!

Well as you might expect - nobody who flew through that Flak survived. I survived because I flew around it! One B-29 survived and at least I had the pleasure of knocking him down.

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