Korean Combat Pilot



" As part of Operation Roundup, designed to disrupt enemy preparations for a new offensive, X Corps advanced with strong air support near Hoengsong, northeast of Wonju. Maj. Arnold Mullins, 67th FBS, in an F-51 Mustang, shot down a Yak-9 seven miles north of Pyongyang to score the only USAF aerial victory of the month. "


F-51 have been spotted north of Pyongyang airfield. Scramble and intercept.



MiGMan's Combat Diary

Well I guess they sent down Maj. Arnold Mullins, because this guy is an Ace, whoever he is!

I tried this mission in the Yak-9 and in the MiG-15. 6 times in all. I managed to down the first Mustang twice... then the second one turned up and quickly ended my euphoria.

This is a tough mission - I'd look on it as a "dogfight skill trainer". The Yak-9 seems under powered compared to the F-51 and the MiG can't turn with it.

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