Korean Combat Pilot

Overview: "

By September 1st, 1951, the Communist Air Force's order of battle included 525 MiG-15s, and the Reds judged that the time was ripe to launch their new air offensive. The MiGs began to appear in greater numbers than ever before, as many as 90 crossing the Yalu at one time. They were also better led, better organized and displayed superior tactics--clear evidence that the ‘honchos', as the Soviet and Soviet-satellite pilots were nicknamed, were in full control.

Take off from Pyongyang airfield and intercept all enemy aircraft."

MiGMan's Combat Diary

The clouds are excellent - varied types and density - it's a shame they weren't used in more of the missions.

As usual my wingmen crashed enroute to waypoint 1, where I was jumped by four F-86 Sabre jets.

Not a fair fight - but that's OK. I managed to clip one and after a few minutes the ground took care of the rest!

On to waypoint 2 and I encountered some F-80's. Miraculously some MiGs turned up but they didn't last long - flying gracefully into terra firma. I joined them a few moments later - but at least I put up a fight!

Note: Ken French , mission designer from Just Flight informed me:

" One thing I did notice was that you had problems with warping and your wingman. Both of these problems can be resolved by selecting the unlimited fuel button."

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