Korean Combat Pilot Flyable aircraft

  • local_airportBell H-13 Sioux
  • precision_manufacturingBell
  • content_paste"The United States Army first ordered Bell 47s in 1948 under the designation H-13. These would later receive the name Sioux." - Wikipedia
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  • local_airportMikoyan Gurevich MiG-15 Fagot
  • precision_manufacturingMikoyan Gurevich
  • content_pasteThe MiG-15 out-turned, out-climbed and had a higher service ceiling than the North American F-86K Sabre. Also - the original NATO reporting name was "Falcon" - it would be interesting to get the story behind changing the name from that of a 'Bird of Prey' to a 'block of wood'!
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