Longbow Longbow Longbow Longbow
Exhibit - Longbow
Release Date - 1996
Platform - PC
Developer - Janes Combat Simulation
Publisher - EA
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Comments - Longbow from Janes was released in 1996 and remains possibly the most immersive simulation of the AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter.

Having missed Longbow the first time around I was keen to get my hands on it at last! (at Xmas 1998). Atmosphere is the keyword from the word go in LongBow. From the cinematic intro scenes to your irascible instructor, all the game elements conspire to immerse you in the world of Army Aviation.

  MiGMan's first impressions (1998)

MFD in Longbow by Janes Combat Simulations

external view of Longbow by Janes Combat Simulations