Lock On: Modern Air Combat | MiGMan MiG-29 Campaign

Lock On: Modern Air Combat MiGMan MiG-29 Campaign

MiGMan's MiG-29 Campaign

Mission 01


Mission 02

Location : Bagerovo AB near Kerch
Training - Air to Ground
Time : 0600


Day 1 of your training.

Takeoff from runway 05 and

Fly to the range, attack the trucks with rockets and bombs



With object labels on you can see the targets from miles away, which is a good thing. It's entirely up to you whether you leave labels on or off. I tend to turn them off if things are going well, and flick them on if I've lost track of things... which happens a lot!

As the sim models it, which apparently is close to real world conditions, vehicle size ground targets are incredibly difficult to see from a fast moving jet.

Here's a trick which helps maintain immersion in the sim - tell your wingman to attack the ground targets with "Backslash - F1 - F1 - F5".

Then just fly towards the smoke and flames!


By the way that's my wingman doing the immaculate strafing run, not me !


Now I can see them !

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