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MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Matsumoto Airport, Japan by White bear (Kazuhiro Miyazaki)

MiGMan’s Diary, 2000

Matsumoto Airport, Japan by White bear (Kazuhiro Miyazaki)

On arriving at the bus terminal I whipped out my digital camera and took this shot of the main entrance. I wonder what the sculpture is in reference to?

Into the modern terminal and up the escalators with plenty of window shopping available. I wonder if they take virtual credit cards ?

The transit lounges are comfortable and offer a good view of the airport activities - I sat there happily watching flights take off and land. The snack food was a little bit "plastic" to the taste.

Up the stairs to the sundeck .The airport is nestled among rolling hills... and what's that I see... a huge football / soccer stadium. Mmmm... we have time so I grab a helicopter and scoot over there for a look see.

Wow ! Quite an impressive stadium. There are actually two stadiums but this one to the North is a stunner.

On the way back I checked out the service buildings which are near the heliport. No detail has been spared.

While in the chopper I went for a quick whizz around the airport.

Looking back over the entrance area - from the chopper. I wonder what that large domed building in the distance is?

There's my flight!

Sayonara Matsumoto and konichi-wa to Honourable Mr. Miyazaki.

Kazuhiro Miyazaki's scenery also changes the runway markings to a new, presumably authentic (?) colour.

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