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Title - MegaScenery Volume 02 - New York
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Release Date - December 2003
Developer - Aerosoft Australia
Publisher - PC Aviator
Comments - MegaScenery 02 - New York is a VFR pilot's dream. The clarity of the scenery adds subtle depth to the flight. As well as the urban terrain there is enough surrounding countryside to keep you entertained. The documentation alone makes this product an exception to current publishing practice. Every aid necessary, in terms of maps, Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams, is given to encourage you to explore this product the way it is meant to be used.
First impressions

A T-28 in Manhatten
T-28 Trojan - landing


Hardware requirements

MegaScenery 02 - New York - Box Art
Box contents
Box Art

 MegaScenery 02 - New York - Chart excerpt


heatre of Operations
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