Merlin - Helicopter sim

Here is the entire manual in a printer-friendly layout.


Your task is to approach the frigate, avoiding the other Merlin helicopters, and touchdown safely on the landing deck. You start airborne, with the frigate nearby. You have a time limit of two minutes to complete the task.


Easy: Ship is stationary and there are no crosswinds.
Medium: Ship is moving but there are no crosswinds.
Hard: The ship is moving and there are crosswinds.


  1. Cyclic controls forward speed and roll angle
  2. Collective controls up and down movement
  3. Tail rotor turns led or right when hovering
You may use either keyboard or joysticks or a combination of the two. Press space to select.

To calibrate your joystick press J when on the controls screen. Centre joystick(s) and press fire. Deflect each joystick to all four corners i.e. Onward lee, fonward right, rearward led, rearward right. Press the joystick fire button to finish calibration.

Down/acell. DOWN Q / up arrow
UP/Decel. UP A / down arrow
Turn Left Left Z / left arrow
Turn Right Right X / right arrow

Ctrl + Q = exit to DOS
SPACE BAR = Change view
Alt + any arrow key = fine control
Esc. = Quit

Merlin - helicopter sim developed by DID for the Royal Navy


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