MiG Alley MiG Alley MiG Alley
Exhibit - MiG Alley


The jet aircraft in MiG Alley need a lot of runway to get airborne, especially when carrying a load of bombs and external fuel tanks. Be very careful on the initial climb out... if you climb too steeply the aircraft will sink and impact the ground.

100 % RPM ______
Release Wheel Brakes < and >
Move the stick Back to rotate at 100 knots
Adjust the stick to maintain a shallow climb out
If airspeed is not increasing lower the nose
Gear up G
Adjust stick to compensate for the suden change in trim
Avoid sudden stick movements when carrying external fuel tanks or you can damage the wings
Trim for climb O
Turn to the first waypoint F4
Climb to altitude

These screenshots were taken on a Pentium 233MMX using a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee graphics card.