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The MiG-15 is a sturdy beast but it does have it's limits. After having fun doing outside loops in the P-51 Mustang I thought to try the same in the MiG. Bad idea...
  • Full throttle
  • Roll inverted
  • Stick forward
  • Nose level with the horizon
  • ... all was looking well!
Now I foolishly decided to add a crowd pleasing element to my one-person airshow..... an outside loop with the gear extended !!!

Gear out... all OK... until I pushed forward on the stick...
Crack!!! Bang!!!!!! A violent spin and .... look ma, no wings!
Diary entry: ........ do not attempt outside loops in the MiG.

Going inverted in the MiG-15

Looking good, nice and level

Beatiful!... now gear down and forward stick...

Oh oh........ ahem....

These screenshots were taken on a Pentium 233MMX using a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee graphics card.