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2nd August 1950 - F-51 Interdiction Mission

The FAC called in as we lined up for the third run -

"Viper flight - the target is out - good work - new target - tank column on road.
For this target use rockets.

Yeah - well that's nifty - I had no rockets left !

F-51 Mustang

Not to worry - guns would do. Somehow after the run I ended up in number two position.... it's a good thing my wingmen were keeping an eye out for the rookie!

F-51 Mustang
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F-51 Mustang
Click the pictures for a bigger image

Now speaking of keeping an eye on things - and this is not an excuse - not really....... but check out the size of my flight leader as he manoeuvers over the rolling terrain, between strafing runs. Not easy to keep a bead on!

He is just below the hill top - in line with my canopy vertical side rail.

Well - since I had no rockets anyway and the other guys seemed to be doing just fine, I ducked over to take a couple of happy FAC snaps...

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