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Exhibit - MiG Alley

Landing in jets

Landing Jets in MiG Alley
Check fuel state on gauge  
Check wingman's fuel state Shift 1
Vectors to Nearest tower Shift 5, 3
Vectors to Home Tower Shift 5, 2
Wind on runway Shift 5, 4
Clear to land? Shift 5, 5
Upwind Alt 1,000 ft
Upwind Speed 250 - 300 kts
Gear down G
Flaps down F
Turn to final  
Speed 140 kts
Pitch 5 deg up
Adjust Throttle to control rate of Descent
On touchdown  
Throttle back  
Flaps UP F
Wheel Brakes ON (HOLD) < and >

Look at the circuit pattern in pictures

These screenshots were taken on a Pentium 233MMX using a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee graphics card.