MiG Alley MiG Alley MiG Alley
Exhibit - MiG Alley

Landing - in pictures


Altitude 1,000 feet

Gear and Flaps down

Be ready to adjust the stick and throttle. Lowering the gear pulls the nose down and lowering the flaps pitches it up! Also the extra drag means you'll need a higher thrust setting.

Turn to Finals

About 2 miles out is a good distance to start with. Use Shift 5 and 2 to get the distance to the fielld, until you can judge it visually.

Turning to final about 2 miles out


Altitude passing through 1,000 feet

Altitude passing through 1,000 feet - About 140 knots
Watch those trees! If it were up to me I would have cut them down!

Holding the nose up just prior to touchdown

The gear struts move when the aircraft lands... but you are usually too busy to look!

These screenshots were taken on a Pentium 233MMX using a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee graphics card.