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MiG Alley MiG Alley MiG Alley
Exhibit - MiG Alley
Release Date - 1999
Platform - PC
Developer - Rowan
Publisher - Empire
In collection - Yes
Comments - MiG Alley is a simulation of Air Combat operation in the Korean War June 1950 to January 1951. MiG Alley achieved very close to a perfect blend of action and graphical realism as a simulation of the air war in the Korean conflict. In November 2001 Rowan released the source code, so expect the sim to keep developing in the hands of dedicated fans. MiG Alley MiG Alley MiG Alley MiG Alley
Gallery 01

MiG Alley achieved very close to a perfect blend of action and graphical realism... and managed to run very fluidly in 1999 on a Pentium 233 with a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee, and that was with all the graphics options maxed out at 800 by 600 resolution. Game developers take note - there is a market for games which actually run well on modest hardware !

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The MiG Alley packaging is an object lesson in how to create excellent supporting material which sets the mood and period of the sim before you even install it!

  50's inspired cover art
  US box
  What's in the box?


  VIDEO - MiG-15 Fagot
  VIDEO - F-86 Sabre jet

Campaign 2

Mission One
August 2nd, 1950

  01 - Planning
  02 - Planning
  03 - Takeoff

Mission Planning

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The cockpits in MiG Alley are all virtual cockpits. There is no fixed cockpit and you don't need or want one as these do the job well and maintain a sense of immersion in the sim with the canopy rails and reflections.

F-51 Mustang

F-51 Mustang

  Form up
  Still forming up
  F-51 strafing video
  Napalm 02
  External view 01
  External view 02
External view - dirty

  F-80C Shooting Star

  Virtual cockpit
  External view - clean
  External view - dirty

F-84E Thunder Jet

Specs :

F-86 Sabre F-86 Sabre Jet - MiG Alley.

F-86 Sabre Jet - MiG Alley

VIDEO - F-86 Sabre jet

MiG-15 Fagot



VIDEO - MiG-15 Fagot

  Takeoff in Jets
  Landing in Jets
  Landing in pictures
  Formation Flying
  Forward Air Controllers
  How to break a MiG!

Historical images


  Clouds over Korea
  Ground Crew
  Mission Planning

Mission Planning



  Frequently Asked questions


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Pulling too many G's at near the mach has ruined this Sabre's day!
Pulling too many G's at near the mach has ruined this Sabre's day !

MiG-15 and a B-29 Superfortress wing

Typical result of a mid air collision in MiG Alley. This one was my MiG-15 about 1 second after destroying a F-84E Thunderjet and flying through the resulting debris.

Korean Peninsula as modelled in MiG Alley