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Mission Planning


Your have five fighter squadrons and two bomber squadrons under your command.

The fighter squadrons which are based in Korea, consist of:
  1. Two squadrons of F86 Sabre Jet aircraft. These are the best air combat aircraft at your disposal. Sabres are only armed for air to air duties.
  2. One squadron of F84E jets and one squadron of F80C jets. These aircraft are best suited to ground strike duties. The MiG15 in combat outclasses them.
  3. One squadron of F51 prop aircraft. These aircraft are no match for the MiG15 in combat. However they are useful for Close Air Support and Interdiction Missions close to the front.
The bomber squadrons are based in Japan. On any particular day you will have either a squadron of B29 heavy bombers or B26 medium bomber aircraft available. B29s are preferable because they deliver a bigger punch. However if the attrition rate becomes too high they will be withheld.

Each squadron of pilots is organized into six flights of four. However, the maximum number of aircraft that can be launched at any session is sixteen and therefore only four flights can fly. This gives you the option of resting pilots.

F-51 Mustang
F-51 Mustang

Aircraft are allocated in units of four, i.e. in flights. So, for instance, if you have designed four Strike Missions it would be possible to allocate two flights of Sabres to each mission. Alternatively you could allocate one flight to each mission and the remaining four Sabre flights could be allocated together to form a MiGCAP over MiG Alley.

A flight consists of two elements of two aircraft. The leader/wingman element is the smallest fighting unit in MiG Alley. Although aircraft are allocated to missions in flights, it is possible to allocate duties to individual elements.